fatal freight

The story of this report is closely linked to the figure of Sergio Finardi, one of the leading researchers in the specific field of “defense logistics”. He founded the NGO TransArms, was on several occasions an expert in the field on behalf of the United Nations Security Council, and collaborated for decades with the newspaper “il manifesto”.

Sergio Finardi passed away in December 2015, while working on a report on maritime arms trafficking for Amnesty International. The report was later rejected by AI’s legal service, on grounds that were in fact a political disavowal. For this reason it was only published in 2017, thanks to the review and editing work of Peter Danssaert and the support of the Flemish NGO IPIS (International Peace Information Service vzw).

The report is not known to the general public, but it is a real milestone in the research and civil commitment against the daily “death trade” that takes place before our eyes. We re-publish it here for the relevance of the topics touched upon and the cognitive tools it makes available to us,